K.I.A. Memorial Roadmarch ®
April 6, 2024 at 5:00 pm tbd

716 EmPOURium Whiskey, Wine & Spirits Tasting Festival

Welcome to the 716 EmPOURium Whiskey & Spirit Tasting information page and frequently asked questions (FAQs)

This event will be on April 6th, 2024 from 6pm to 9pm (early admission is at 5pm, see Early admission ticket for more information)

The Beneficiary will be a local Veteran non profit that Honors the 330 Military Members from NYS who were Killed In Action in Iraq and Afghanistan since 9/11. K.I.A. Memorial Roadmarch also raises food for Veterans and has to date raised 300,000 pounds of food for local Pantries.

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Questions about being a vendor? Email us at 716empourium@gmail.com



Q) Where can I purchase tickets?


Q) What time is the 716 EmPOURium Event?

A) 6 to 9 PM / Early Admission Ticket: 5PM

Q) Where is the 716 EmPOURium Event?

Q) Cost of 716 EmPOURium Event Admission (GA) Ticket?
A) $60

Q) Cost of  early admission ticket?
A) $50

Q) What is the 716 EmPOURium Early Admission Ticket 
A) People who bring an empty Thirteen Monkeys Whiskey bottle to the event with their ticket will have this option only. This admission includes free parking, a custom Glencairn 6 Oz. Whiskey tasting glass to taste the wide variety of offerings from our vendors and bottled water. If you choose this option, you must purchase a $50 “Early Admission Ticket” thru eventbrite and bring a $25.00 gift card to be donated to K.I.A. Memorial Roadmarch for Veterans.


Q) What is advantage of the Early Admission Ticket?
A) Avoid crowds with a 1hr early admission from 5pm-6pm, to visit vendors, free gift, appetizers and receive a Glencairn 6 oz. Whiskey tasting glass to taste the wide variety of offerings from our vendors and bottled water.

Q) How many whiskeys will be available to try?

Q) What’s included in the 716 EmPOURium Event Admission?
A) The 716 EmPOURium Event Admission includes free parking, a custom Glencairn 6 Oz. Whiskey tasting glass to taste the wide variety of offerings from our vendors and bottled water.

Q) What is not included with the General Admission ticket.
A) Food and other beverages such as beer and pop, however they will be available to purchase.

Q) Will there be Designated Driver (DD) Tickets available?
A) No. Be a responsible whiskey drinker and make a plan for getting home that doesn’t require Police involvement.

Q) Are samples free?
A) Yes upon entry after your tickets are scanned.

Q) Where can I buy tickets?
A) Tickets can be purchased through our website which is also on Eventbrite

Q) Will tickets sell out?
A) We are anticipating a sell out by Marchif not before. We know Buffalo is a drinking town and we are a Buffalo company.

Q) What brands will be attending?
A) The final list will be evolving until January 2023, but we’ll be posting updates on the Eventbrite page and social media @KIAMemeorial and @Thirteenmonkeyswhiskeys regularly as new vendors are added.

Q) Is the event for people 21 and over?
A) Yes. If a person is under 21 years old and tries to enter the event with a ticket they purchased online or one that was provided to them, they will not be granted entry and the purchaser will not receive a refund for the ticket. You must be 21 years of age or older to enter this event and no exceptions to the rule will be made.

Q) Do I have to buy anything when I’m in the event?
A) The only thing you’ll have to buy is food if you desire it, (unless you are a Medallion owner and purchased ). Complimentary water bottles (1 each) will be available in the event! Some Vendors may choose to sell their product there)

Q) Is there security?
A) There will be security present at the event and they are tasked with keeping the evening civilized and safe. Please be courteous, respectful and kind to others and keep in mind that everyone is coming together to have fun and positive experience.

Q) Suggestions for a Safe & Enjoyable Event
A) Use the spit buckets. You’re doing a tasting and should pace yourself doing 10 shots in 5 minutes is not going to be enjoyable. There’s no pressure to drink everything you’re trying. The brand representatives who will be present expect you to spit out their products after trying and won’t be offended if you do! It may seem silly or impolite, but it’s how the whiskey world works. Each Vendor will have a spit container.

Rinse out your glass between whiskeys! You don’t want a new bourbon to taste like the previous product.

Suggestion: This is a Pre game for St. Patrick’s Day. We shall call it St. Practice Day, but pace yourself. Please don’t tailgate before the event. Your evening will be so much more enjoyable if you just wait for the event to start and try different products so you can have them at St. Patrick’s day and future holidays and parties.

** There’s going to be lines at the beginning of the event as people get in and spread throughout the venue. It may seem like you won’t have enough time to try everything you want, but we promise that you will. No need to worry or drink quickly. You will have time to experience all you’d like!

Please coordinate a ride home from a ride share service or friend/family member.

Hard Rules please follow if violated you will be escorted out:

No violence or aggressive behavior.

No firearms or weapons.

No smoking in the venue. (There is an outdoor smoking area and your drinks are allowed)

Note: If for some reason event needs to be postponed, (Snowstorm etc) we will have this event on a different date, no worries we will not let you down and will have the event, please be flexible if this happens. Thank you!

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